11 Gorgeous Hollywood Grins: Whose Smile is the Best and Brightest?

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Is it just us... or do Hollywood stars and their smiles make you want to put down the coffee and run to the nearest drug store for some Crest White Strips?

In the case of these particular celebrities, it's probably not just us:

Your next move might be running to your local dentist's office to copy these Hollywood stars and their dream smiles.

Did we leave your top star off of the list or did we get it right? You'll never know until you click above and find out!

Julia Roberts and her pearly whites melted our hearts in Pretty Woman, so it's no surprise she made the list.

Jared Leto's toothy Joker grin from Suicide Squad creepily made the cut (we'd be scared to tell him otherwise). 

Tom Cruise is always making headlines, but this time it's for his nearly-manic grin.

Now that Jessica Biel is a new mom, her smile is dominating our list.

Chris Hemsworth's was on display at the opening of the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie

Who else made the cut? Take some time to click around our rundown of Hollywood's best smiles and see if your favorite is included.

Take caution, however, because you might need to pick up some sunglasses just to view this dazzling list!

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