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Michael Jackson molestation accuser Wade Robson says the pop icon’s housekeeper saw the two of them in the shower, and he wants her testimony on the record.

Robson’s rape lawsuit against the singer’s estate makes the bombshell claim, which his attorneys have vehemently denied and want to have dismissed.

Wade is pressing on, however, and wants the Jackson housekeeper’s claim – from his 2005 molestation trial – admitted as evidence in his own lawsuit.

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Jackson historians know well that at that trial, Robson himself defended Michael against the very conduct he now accuses him of, helping him win acquittal.

Executors of the estate argue that housekeeper Blanca Francia’s statement at the 2005 trial was inadmissible hearsay and unusable character evidence.

Wade’s lawyer’s responded with the original transcript of Francia’s testimony, in which she claimed to have witnessed Jackson in the shower with Wade.

According to the legal documents filed by Wade, “On one occasion, Fran entered Jackson’s bedroom and heard sounds of laughter and playing around.”

“At first she thought the sounds might have been coming from the garden.”

“But then she peeked through open door to Jackson’s personal bathroom and realized the sounds were coming from the shower in the bathroom.”

“She saw two pairs of underwear laying on the floor next to the shower and recognized them as Jackson’s and Robson’s,” the documents eerily add.

“The water was running in the shower and Francia heard the radio playing. Francia heard two voices for about a minute which she recognized as Jackson’s and Robson’s.”

The housekeeper also testified at the 2005 molestation trial of witnessing Jackson and Robson watching TV in the singer’s bed, nude, from the waist up.

Wade, not unlike James Safechuck, has challenged Jackson’s estate long after the singer’s death, claiming longstanding trauma from his alleged molestation.

Both lawsuits are pending, with the estate fighting them tooth and nail.