Taylor Swift and Lorde Scoff at Feud Rumor: LOL, Media!

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Forgive the obvious reference, but when it comes to an alleged feud between Taylor Swift and Lorde, the singers have chosen to react in the only way they see fit:

Yup. They are simply shaking it off.

Taylor Swift and Lorde on Instagram

The latest issue of OK! Weekly sparked the rumor of a rivalry between these close pals, alleging that the stars are clashing because Lorde rejected Swift’s suggestion that they do a duet.

“Lorde loves Taylor but she thinks that their voices have completely different sounds and they won’t mesh well together,” an anonymous source tells the tabloid. “Taylor was pretty disappointed with her reaction."

Oh, really?

Swift didn't sound all that disappointed in a Tweet that addressed the topic last night.

"Media, when you say ‘Lorde & Taylor are fighting'—by fighting do you mean ‘FaceTiming constantly from US to NZ and LOLing at you?'" she wrote. "Thnx bye"

Lorde then echoed her good friend's sentiment, re-Tweeting Taylor's words and adding:

"sisters are doin' it for themselves @TaylorSwift13.”

Swift, of course, is known as one of the better friends in Hollywood. She recently shocked BFF Abigail Anderson with a surprise birthday party... and she was named Godmother to Jaime's King next child last month.

And in other relationship news, Swift is totally dating Calvin Harris!

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