Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: Meeting Lily

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As made clear to open Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 20, the dates of Emma Swan and Lily Page are forever entwined ... and always shall be.

Ironic, huh? Considering one is known as The Savior and the other as the Anti-Savior?

Following a flashback to an apologetic Apprentice, viewers caught up with Emma at the diner, as she made it clear to her loved ones how determined she is to go after Gold, who manipulated Cruella’s death at the Savior’s hand last week.

Emma did not exactly receive support from those around her, who were afraid of her ongoing descent into darkness. However, she did have a champion in Maleficent... for a price.

The former bounty hunter just had to track down her daughter, Lilith, with Maleficent saying her child ended up in Minnesota.

This is same state where Emma first met Lily, a revelation which sends Emma to the library to work the microfiche and find a 30-year-old, out-of-state baptism announcement for little Lilith, who fortunately posed with her star birthmark showing.

“Ain’t fate a bitch?” Regina notes, comparing her adoption of the Savior’s son to Emma’s own small world, Regina suggests they “make today the day we both beat fate” by combining forces to find Lily and save Robin from Zelena.

Do they have a deal?

Yes, as Emma also learns that Lily’s last known address is Lowell, Massachusetts, a mere half-hour outside Boston ... where Emma spent her adulthood!

On the way there, Emma denies she is turning dark even after she nearly beats to death some guy at a flop house who claims Lily died.

Finally, thanks to a wolf in the road, Emma and Regina find Lily working as a waitress at a diner. They also find proof in her trailer that Lily knows EVERYthing about her fate.

A speedy car chase later, Emma cuts off Lily and the two trade punches and threats until Emma holds her former palate gunpoint.

Regina convinces Emma not to cross that line, prompting Emma to offer Lily help up off the ground, saying she won’t push her away this time... as she did years ago in flashback when Lily blew apart Emma’s idyllic teen life by stealing her adoptive family's vacation money.

We’re then off to The Big Apple.

As you’ll see when you watch Once Upon a Time online, Regina reunites there with Robin, warning him about the true identity of Marian, who ends up revealing herself. And yet Robin can’t leave - because Zelena is pregnant!

Talk about a major development heading into Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 21! Elsewhere this week...

  • The Charmings apologize to Maleficent, but she responds by saying they ought to fear Lily.
  • Rumple has Will Scarlett steal Belle’s heart from Regina’s office. He then returns it to Belle and say that it’s now Will’s job to protect it because he is unworthy.
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