Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Has Lord Disick Lost It!?

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Last night's Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 7, entitled "Special Delivery," featured a Lord Disick Party, which is a thing that exists.

Sign of the apocalypse or best idea ever? Depends on one's perspective, we suppose. Given his antics in this episode, we know where Kourtney stands ...

When Rob Kardashian thinks your behavior is crazy, well, this is a sign that you should probably reexamine your life. It's a general rule of thumb to live by.

Such is the case if watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online this week. It's so bad that Kourt fears her man will be "drunk in the delivery room."

Given that he booked the Lord Disick Party in Las Vegas against her wishes and returned home wasted out of his mind, one can't blame her here.

The Lord was so plowed that his first stop back in L.A. was Khloe's house. "I just felt like I wanted to hug my brother," Scott told her regarding Rob.

Khloe told him to hit the bricks, but that didn't go over well, as Scott went nuts, banging on doors and forcing Khloe and Rob into lockdown mode.

He eventually found his way in (somehow) in search of that hug, but warm intentions aside, this really rubbed Khloe and her sisters the wrong way.

Ironically, he ended up crashing at Khloe's place again after Kourtney refused to let him back in their house once she heard about these shenanigans.

Pretty surprising, given that earlier, Kourtney decided not to have the Kardashian clan in the delivery room with her, saving that only for her partner.

Scott's response? "I'll probably be there," he said. "Fifty-fifty."

Kourtney, clearly stung by his attitude, said, "It's really hurtful because I want to be able to depend on him, and that he's gonna be home and excited to be there."

We're not sure if Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 7 was all staged, or the duo patched things up, but when push came to shove?

Scott ended up being by Kourtney's side on December 14.

Reign Aston Disick is thriving and healthy and his mom and dad were both there to witness the new arrival to their growing, (mostly) happy family.

Kourt's still throwing plenty of shade in next week's promo, however, and reports of Scott boozing haven't exactly abated in the first third of 2015.

Scott Disick goes too far, Scott Disick goes to rehab, Scott Disick bails on rehab, Scott Disick parties like a madman until something insane happens.

Rinse. Repeat. It's a vicious circle.

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