Nick Jonas Gets Naked in New Movie: See the Pics!

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You may recall a time when the Jonas brothers were bastions of Disney-fied purity. (They even rocked the virgin rings to prove it.)

Well, those days are long gone, and no one is more anxious to prove to the world that he's sporting fully-functional grown-up bits than Nick Jonas.

In fact, at this point, nude Nick Jonas pics are hardly even news. Whether it's Nick stripping down for a men's mag, or Nick mocking Kim Kardashian, the man can't keep his clothes on to save his life.

Having grown tired of still-life nudity, Nick decided to show the world what his junk looks like in motion in the new film Careful What You Wish For, which is apparently already in theaters. (Like we said, nude Nick doesn't get much attention these days.)

Nick Jonas Nude Pic
Nick Jonas Naked

The film has no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, which is suspicious and may indicate why the marketing campaign is focused entirely on something that's already all over the Internet for free.

(The funniest part of Nick mocking Kim for being naked all the time is the unintentional irony.)

But enough about the quality of this awful-sounding movie. The important thing here is Nick Jonas' penis, which may or may not be visible in Careful What You Wish For.

Producers are being coy, so we're guessing no dong. Sorry. But hey, check out the pics above for just about every square inch skin on Nick.

And if you're still hoping to see Nick's junk one day, well, we're sure he'll bare all eventually. Just be careful what you wish for.

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