Nelly Arrested: Meth, Guns and Pot Seized on Rapper's Tour Bus

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Early 2000s hip hop icon Nelly may have shed the blinged-out under-eye band-aid long ago, but it looks he and his St. Lunatics are still taking their lumps. Must be the moneeeey!

Nelly was arrested for heroin, weed and guns back in 2012, and a similar scene played out today when the 40-year-old rapper's tour bus was pulled over in Tennessee.

Nelly Mug Shot

TMZ is reporting that cops found crystal meth, guns and a small amount of pot on the bus, and Nelly was taken into custody.

The bus was stopped when officers noticed the absence a required Department of Transportation sticker.

They detected a faint odor of marijuana, and because that's apparently enough for Tennessee cops to conduct a full raid, the St. Loonies soon found themselves in deep shimmy-shimmy cocoa puff.

The meth rocks and weed are nothing to sneeze at, but the biggest threat to Nelly's freedom is the small arsenal cops discovered in the bus' sleeper area.

A .50 caliber pistol, a .45 caliber pistol and a .500 magnum Smith and Wesson were confiscated. 

Sources say Nelly was only booked for pot and paraphernalia possession, but he could be facing further charges.

The police report states that 100 small Ziploc bags commonly used for drug sales were also found on the bus.

We hope Nelly's one phone call was to Kelly Rowland, because this dude's got a serious dilemma!

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