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Are country stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton on the rocks again over his drinking problem … which he feels is not a problem at all?

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Though "he got healthy for a bit with Miranda," says a report from celebrity gossip magazine Life & Style, but "now he’s back to his old ways."

"She doesn’t like that he’s always drinking because she gets insecure that he’ll cheat on her," an insider says of couple’s rocky relationship.

"Blake says he can handle his alcohol and that everyone needs to stop bringing it up … she’s tired of telling him to cut back or get help."

We’ve heard a lot of this before, and the couple has simply laughed it off. is this any different or more of the same BS from the rumor mill?

In a sign of major discord, Lambert won big at 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards, but never bothered to thank her husband on stage.

"It’s definitely a different way to live and to be in a relationship," she reportedly said, "but I feel like our relationship started going separate ways."

That was April 19. Then, during Lambert’s April 25 performance at the Stagecoach festival in Indio, Calif., she seemed majorly out of sorts.

"She barely smiled throughout the first few songs and kept the small talk to a minimum," one fan said of Miranda Lambert at the event.

"When she sang ‘Over You,’ the song her husband Blake wrote about his dead brother, she started crying at the end and wiped away a tear."

"Even from far away, it seemed like she was really going through something," the fan added (something like cheating on Blake with Chris Young?).

One possible reason Lambert was so upset?

While Dierks Bentley was opening for Miranda, Blake "had been in his trailer getting drunk on moonshine" prior to her set, according to reports.

Another possible reason she was visibly breaking down on stage? It’s an emotional, powerful song about the tragic death of a sibling.

Just saying.