Man Accuses Girlfriend of Banging the Entire Wu-Tang Clan on Divorce Court

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As a rule of thumb, the Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to f-ck with, but one woman was accused of doing exactly that on a recent episode of the always-cringe-worthy Divorce Court.

Lia (last name unknown) apparently loves the Staten Island Killa Bees even more than the parents who named their kids Ghostface and Raekwon because she spent an "amazing night" with the entire crew and there are conflicting reports about what exactly went down.

In the clip above, Lia's ex-boyfriend Nathan tells Judge Lynn Toler that she banged the entire Clan. Or, as Nathan hilariously puts it, "She gave the Wu some tang."

Lia denies the allegation, claiming that "Wu Tang is nothing but gentleman." She goes on to spit some slang that we've never heard before saying:

"I would never be a bust-down or a groupie... I kept my lady-points together."

"Bust-down?" "Lady-points?" What sort of next-level Wu-Speak did Lia learn during her amazing night?

There's no word on how Judge Toler ruled in this case, but the fact that she accused Lia of "bust-down behavior" certainly bodes well for Nathan.

No one aside from Lia and the GZA et al. knows exactly what happened that night, but that's not even the biggest mystery here.

What we're wondering is how a couple that was never married ends up on Divorce Court.

Seriously. That's an enigma only Inspetctah Deck could solve.

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