Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: The Aftermath

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Last week's premiere set the stage for a dramatic season to come, and last night's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 2 kept the momentum going.

What did we learn from VH1's crazy ATL crew? Let's get into it ...

As we saw at the tail end of last Monday's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiere, rivals Stevie J and Nikko mixed it up and security had to break it up.

Stevie J thought that he could rectify the Mimi Faust book deal situation through verbal and physical intimidation. Suffice it to say he failed, hard.

Nikko is doubling down, saying he'll dish the dirt on Mimi as long as she keeps denying him his cut. Stevie J has other issues to deal with, meanwhile.

Because the dude failed a drug test (for what, it's unclear), he must spend 30 days in rehab. He breaks the news to Joseline, Mimi and his daughter Eva.

Speaking of Joseline, her hilarious one-episode “suspension” (for last year's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight) is over and she's back in full force.

She admits she has a problem with her temper and controlling her anger but promises she will refrain from physical violence during future confrontations.

Stevie J promises Joseline a big wedding, which is kind of hilarious in that they are supposedly married, and in that he insists Mimi plan it with her.

Why? It's very much unclear, but if you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta online, you know that this is true of many things we can't possibly rationalize.

Meanwhile, Rasheeda meets Kirk’s new artist Ashley Nicole for the first time on the red carpet, where Ashley tries to kiss up but it doesn't quite work.

Instead, she only succeeds in making Rasheeda feel old and reveals that Kirk has a "Buckhead office," which 'Sheed enlists Karlie to help sniff out.

After some not-at-all scripted detective work, she shows up at the "office" and tears him a new one, which he seems to be oddly ambivalent about.

Elsewhere, Mama Dee got Earnest locked up for a minor offense that led to a seven-YEAR jail term because he had drugs on him. Uhhh ... whoops.

Lastly, pivoting to the world according to Yung Joc, he is now dating Khadisha. Or Miss Piggy to some. Dude has eight kids by four women! Is she next!?

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