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One of the most famous Scientologists of them all has spoken out in defense of his religion.

During an appearance today on Good Morning America, John Travolta was asked about the attacks against Scientology that have become prevalent since HBO aired the scathing documentary Going Clear.

And he replied by echoing what Will Smith once said about parents: these critics just don’t understand.

John Travolta on Oscars Night
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“People really need to take time and read a book…that’s my advice,” Travolta said. "You could read New Slant on Life or Dianetics, and I think if you really read it, you’ll understand it.

"But unless you do, you’ll speculate, and I think it’s a mistake to do that."

Travolta has practiced Scientology for our four decades.

Along with Tom Cruise, with whom Travolta is allegedly feuding, the Pulp Fiction actor is considered the face of the movement.

"You know, 40 years for me I’ve been part [of Scientology], and I’ve loved every minute of it," Travolta added. "My family’s done so well with it, and it’s a beautiful thing for me. I’ve saved lives with it and saved my own life several times."

The aforementioned HBO movie claims that when Travolta was once going to quit the religion, the church of Scientology threatened him and his family with a “black PR package," something that included “damaging material” from taped sessions during which he shared intimate life details.

It’s safe to assume these had something to do with the rumors that Travolta is gay.

The veteran star, however, maintains that he hasn’t "experienced anything the hearsay has claimed."