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Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne may not be overtly throwing shade at each other, but insiders say the former Fashion Police co-stars are not on good terms – at all.

In an interview earlier this week, Rancic confirmed Fashion Police’s return, and her own return on the controversial E! show’s panel, later this year.

Kelly will not be joining her, and to Giuliana, it’s good riddance.

The former co-stars’ beef has been well documented this year.

Osbourne quit not long after Rancic mused on-air that Kelly’s friend Zendaya, who wore dreadlocks at the Oscars, "smells like patchouli oil, or maybe weed."

The two stopped speaking, Rancic nearly got fired, and Osbourne up and quit Fashion Police; Kathy Griffin soon followed her and E! pulled the show.

The feud re-ignited when Rancic appeared on the Today show last week and repeated her dubious excuse that the joke was pre-scripted and poorly edited.

The same day, Osbourne cryptically tweeted, without mentioning Rancic by name, "Liars always get caught.’" The timing was no coincidence, says a source.

"It was about Giuliana," the insider said, and it sure felt like it.

Rancic reportedly feels that Osbourne – who tweeted, "I DO NOT CONDONE RACISM" after the Zendaya joke – "threw her under the bus" after the fact.

Says an insider: "Kelly is dead to Giuliana."

Their once-close friendship began to unravel after Fashion Police matriarch Joan Rivers passed away in September, with both trying too hard to fill the void.

Another source says Rancic began to grate on her co-star, and that the two butted heads: "They didn’t see eye to eye on what was funny versus offensive."

Whatever happened, there were major bridges burned, and we don’t imagine Kelly reserving DVR space when Fashion Police comes back for the Emmys.