From the Sand Snakes to Sansa Stark: Who's the Hottest Woman on Game of Thrones?

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Last year, we compiled a list of the 13 hottest women on Game of Thrones

At the time, it was pretty thorough, but this show regularly introduces more new characters than a beginners' class on the Chinese language, so a new season means a new list of medieval hotties:

The big addition this year comes in the form Oberyn Martell's daughters, who have unfortunately been saddled with the decidedly un-sexy nickname of "the Sand Snakes."

But don't let the serpentine moniker fool you. In response to the [SPOILER ALERT] ugly death of the Red Viper, the Sand Snakes set out seeking vengeance. And they look damn good doing it.

The list above is presented in no particular order (It's not like the hotness of the Khaleesi can really be contested.), so just click through and enjoy.

Granted, there are a lot of Game of Thrones characters who look completely different in real life, but the show's costume and makeup departments get a lot of help from some serious natural beauty.

In the real Middle Ages, body odor and missing teeth no doubt made things decidedly less sexy than the world created by George R.R. Martin, but hey - that's why they call it fantasy, right?

We're forever in debt to GRRM and the GoT showrunners for giving us an alternate version of history in which seductive, supernatural priestesses regularly bare their boobs. Oh, and the dragons are cool, too.

The show returns for season 5 one week from today, so if you need to get caught up in time, don't forget to watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic.

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