Ed Sheeran Says Harry Styles Has a Big Penis

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Ed Sheeran is all about surprises these days.

Late last month, the singer stunned a bride and groom by showing up to sing at their wedding.

Via a recent interview with New Zealand's ZM Online, meanwhile, Sheeran likely took good friend Harry Styles aback as well when he told the world that Styles is packing... in the penis department!

Ed Sheeran Snapshot
Harry Styles on South African Stage

Asked whether the track "Little Things" was written about the One Direction crooner, Sheeran laughed and replied:

"He definitely hasn't got a little thing, so no, I did not write ‘Little Things’ about [his] little things."


And just how might Sheeran be privy to this private knowledge?

He and Styles are pretty tight; plus Sheeran is extra close with Taylor Swift, who dated Styles - and who has been known to gossip about her exes from time to time.

Meanwhile, without any sort of follow-up question, Sheeran referenced the Harry Styles naked photo that surfaced in 2012. Guess who leaked it, the artist claims...

... Harry Styles!

"He leaked his own picture. I think that's amazing," Sheeran said of the NSFW snapshot, which depicted a man flashing his junk in a mirror. "He was just like, 'No one knows.'"

Now we all know. About that and plenty more!

Sheeran, it's worth noting, has another One Direction connection:

He has basically admitted that Niall Horan stole his girlfriend, which prompted him to pen the track "Don't."

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