Kylie Jenner Photos: Through the Years...

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Kylie Jenner is all grown up. But, as these photos depict, that was not always the case.

1. Now and Then...

Now and Then...
Kylie Jenner, at 17, is fully grown and has some very full lips. But, as you can see here and will see throughout this photo gallery, that was not always the case...

2. As a Baby

As a Baby
Kylie Jenner was one adorable child. This cannot be debated.

3. At Age 3

At Age 3
Yup, that is little Kylie, looking cute as a button while being held by dad Bruce Jenner.

4. At Age 10

At Age 10
Who looks more UNlike her current self here? Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner?

5. At Age 12

At Age 12
She bangs! She bangs! By the age of 12, Kylie and her hair were already posing on red carpets.

6. At Age 13

At Age 13
Posing again with her sister, you can see how Kylie is developing her own sense of style, one that remains to this day.

7. At Age 14

At Age 14
Kylie and Kendall Jenner were clearly feeling very blue when this photo was snapped.

8. Still 14

Still 14
Only 14 years old here, Kylie is already making appearances in Las Vegas.

9. At Age 15

At Age 15
Now we're getting bold! Kylie started to come into her own by the age of 15.

10. As a Model

As a Model
By 15 years old, Kylie was walking runways around the country. And loving every second of it!

11. At Age 16

At Age 16
Kylie is rocking a crop top at the MTV Movie Awards at age 16.

12. At Age 17

At Age 17
Now she's basically the Kylie Jenner we know and love. Look at the hair, the clothing, the makeup. She's her very own young woman.

13. All Grown Up

All Grown Up
Not even old enough to vote yet, Kylie is constantly posing on Instagram, showing off her dyed hair and always emphasizing her swelled-up lips.

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