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Azealia Banks is best known for her insane Twitter rants and seething hatred for every rapper who’s more successful than she is (read: all of them).

Jesse Bradford is best known for playing Eliza Dushku’s "cool" older brother in the 2000 countless-straight-to-DVD-sequel-spawning cult hit Bring It On.

Together, they’re the unlikeliest D-list couple since Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen.

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Banks and Bradford (or "Jezealia," as we like to call them) were spotted hanging out at Coachella over the weekend, and they’ve been showing each other lots of social media love lately.

Some fascinated fans did a little deep digging and discovered that Jesse appears to have had a thing for Azealia for quite some time.

"I prefer my Azealias less Iggy and more Banks," Jesse tweeted back in September.

Trash-talking Iggy Azalea is Banks’ favorite hobby, so it’s no surprise that these two hit it off.

In a recent interview, Banks revealed that she wants to have sex with Obama, but we don’t think Jesse will face any competition from Barack.

Aside from the fact that he’s married, the Prez has called Kanye West a jackass in the past, and Banks’ insane ego and wild temper are quickly earning her of the title of the Female Kanye.

Good luck with that, Jesse.