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It’s been almost six months since TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in response to the June Shannon-Mark McDaniel scandal.

The public is still rightfully disgusted by the fact that June dated the man who molested her daughter, so network execs definitely made the right call when they cut ties with the Shannon family.

But despite the loss of her fanbase and the show that made her famous, Mama June is still earning, and her kids reportedly want a piece.

Between selling photos to the paparazzi and doing talk show appearances, June has managed to secure six-figure earnings for herself, but sources say she’s made it clear that she has no intention of sharing the wealth.

TMZ is reporting that Anna Cardwell believes that she has a right to some of her mom’s cash, as she was part of the show that made Mama June famous.

That may sound like a pretty flimsy justification, but June should really be doing everything in her power to make things right with Anna.

After all, Anna was Mark McDaniel’s victim, and June’s decision to get romantically involved with the man who was convicted of molesting her daughter cost the entire family its main source of revenue.

Things have reportedly gotten so bad between Anna and June that insiders close to the family expect them to wind up in court.

Just another chapter in the eternally trashy saga of Mama June.