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Amber Portwood is sick of Teen Mom fans making fun of or criticizing her new fiance Matt Baier, and is taking to Twitter in her man’s defense.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier Photo

Reports that she accused Matt Baier of cheating appear to have been short-lived, but claims that he’s using her for fame and money persist.

Tired of followers’ tweets to the effect of “he’s so old” or “he probably is a creep" or "he’s an ‘ex’ drug user" or "opportunist,” Ambs fired back.

“Wth yes he was an addict just like me,” she Tweeted Thursday.

That doesn’t mean it’s a strike against him. Ditto his age. Portwood writes, “The mans body is niiice lol he can be 30 years older idc. love not hate <3”

Amber is 24 and Matt is 43, which is sure to raise some eyebrows; some have even suggested they’re faking their engagement for Teen Mom.

Not the case, she insists; age is just a number, and as for Matt’s past, well, she’s not exactly one to judge, so why should anyone else be?

"Me and @mattbEPT both have rocky pasts," she writes.

"im not an angel and theres a lot of things were not proud of," Ambs acknowledged to her fans, "but people change and were in love <3"

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know the past she’s talking about, and how it landed her in state prison for 17 months on drug charges.

As for Baier, he’s been arrested for writing bad checks, DUI and assault … and is also a Teen Mom superfan who also hollered at Jenelle Evans.

Rumors, speculation and haters aside, the duo reportedly plans to marry in a “very private” wedding in her native Indiana within the year.

Think they’ll make it to the altar? Comment below …