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If you’ve been watching the coverage of the terrifying situation in Baltimore, than you may have caught one of the few amusing tidbits amidst all the devastating chaos and destruction.

On Tuesday, we had the protester broke who into a Michael Jackson dance routine. Wednesday gave us the surreal silence of an Orioles game that had been closed to the public for safety reasons.

But the moment that seems to have grabbed the most media attention (We won’t weigh in on the debate over whether the press’ focus should be on more important matters.) is the encounter between and angry mom and her protesting son. 

As you can see, news cameras caught Toya Graham doling out an ass-whupping to her son, as only an angry mom can.

Toya’s decisive action certainly got her son out of harm’s way (at least until she got him home), and now it looks like it may have paid off in more ways than one.

TMZ cameras caught up with Toya and her son fresh from a taping of The View today, and it seems Ms. Graham went from swinging on her son to rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

There you have it. When Oprah gives you the thumbs-up you know you did the right thing. Just remember, all you moms of rebellious teens: these were special circumstances! Do not try this at home!