13 Awkward Photos of People Who May Be the Next President

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Mitt Romney may have lost the 2012 Presidential Election to Barack Obama, but the Republican hopeful did at least treat Americans to one of the most awkward moments in nominee history.

Seriously, go back and watch Romney's rendition of America the Beautiful.

The following politicians may all run for President in 2016, however, and each can now stake a claim to an even more awkward moment that that of Romney singing way off-key.

There's Hillary Clinton with a wild-haired Bill in the 1970s.

There's Sarah Palin before she only posted with hunting guns and dead animals.

There's like half of what Chris Christie looks like now... and there's Scott Walker with a mullet!!!

We can't say for certain whether or not the 13 men and women pictured above will seek the highest office in the land down the line.

But we can warn those that do: they may never be able to overcome such awkward photos.

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