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Is Alexandria too good to be true?

That was the main question posed on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13, as many of our favorite survivors settled in to their new surroundings, embracing the chance to finally feel like human beings for a change.

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But Rick, Carol and Daryl remained on edge. They agreed they needed to track down some weapons in case things took a turn for the worse… and they also came across a dead walker with a “W” carved into his forehead.

Because he was killed by the “wolves” that attacked Shirewilt Estates?

Deanna, meanwhile, talked a good game to the others about a community with houses and plumbing and business and a thriving government. She wanted to work closely with Maggie on the latter, in fact.

While Deanna pained this Utopian picture, Rich went along with it. He nodded. He said the proper things. But he was more curious about security than anything else, noting that people “are the real threat now.”

Sasha subsequently volunteered to serve as clock tower lookout, to which Deanna said she could be lead lookout if the attended that night’s welcome party for the newcomers.

Elsewhere, Daryl ran into Aaron in the woods while hunting. The two ended up bonding as they chased down a horse (named Buttons, who Aaron had tried to subdue in the past), though they lost the animal to some hungry walkers in the end.

Rick and Daryl later decided that Carol ought to steal the guns while everyone else was at the party… but this plan was quickly foiled by Jessie’s younger son, Sam.

He was just hoping she’d be baking more cookies, but once she was caught, she told Sam that if he uttered a word, she’d tie him up and leave him as zombie bait.

At the shindig, Rick chatted up Deanna’a husband, Reg, while Glenn and Maggie comforted Noah, who waned to leave. Rosita got Abraham to relax by mentioning beer. Spencer tried (and failed) to charm Sasha and everything seemed to be going well.

But Sasha eventually lost it after a new neighbor asked her favorite dish, saying she was worried she would cook something Sasha would dislike.

"That’s what you worry about?!?” Tyreese’s stunned sister shot back.

After the party was ruined, Aaron told Daryl he wanted him to work as a his recruiting partner. He even offered him a chance to put together a motorcycle. Daryl accepted on the spot.

The following day,  Carol offered Rick and Daryl the guns, with the former taking one, but the latter saying no thanks. He’s "good."

Even more interesting/trouble? Michonne hung her sword on a wall. Will they regret letting their guards down?

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