Stassi Schroeder: Sex Tape Rumor CONFIRMED on Vanderpump Rules Reunion Show!

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The first part of the Vanderpump Rules season 3 reunion show aired last Monday, and it featured all of the awkwardness and outrage we've come to expect from the staff at SUR.

But that was just an appetizer....

According to reports from the set, on tonight's episode, exiled former SUR-ver Stassi Schroeder continues to confront her former co-workers about the various ways in which they've betrayed her...including leaking her solo sex tape to the press.

Stassi Picture

Yes, there's footage of Stassi "taking care of her own needs," shall we say, and she's understandably pissed that it's fallen into the wrong hands.

There's no word on why Stassi recorded herself masturbating, but she reportedly sent the video to an ex-boyfriend, who of course shared it around town once they broke up.

According to Stassi, it ended up in the hands (no pun intended) of one of her co-workers, who proceeded to offer it to various media outlets.

Sources say Stassi confronts the cast about their attempts to sell her tape on tonight's installment of the reunion show, and the bombshell accusation was so unexpected that even host Andy Cohen seemed shocked at the taping.

Fans of the show know that Stassi was dethroned this season in a big way, and she's basically lost all the clout that she once enjoyed within her SUR-cle of friends.

We thought Stassi teaming up with Kristen Doute would be her low point (It's hard to make nice with someone who banged your boyfriend.), but now we're thinking her real humiliation will take place tonight.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to relive Stassi's fall from grace, and get all the details about Ms. Schroeder's one woman porn debtut on tonight's reunion special, airing at 8 pm on Bravo.

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