Scott Disick: SUED For Showing Up Drunk to Paid Appearance

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Earlier this week, we reported that Scott Disick was struggling to stay sober while making club appearances in the UK.

Today, we learned that Scott lost that battle in epic fashion.

Scott Disick Red Carpet

The Daily Mail is reporting that Scott is being sued by a British events company after Scott showed up late and drunk to a meet-and-greet for which he was paid $15,000.

"We are happy for people to know that we have begun legal proceedings against Scott and would hope he responds out of respect for his fans," said a lawyer for the Manchester-based business.

Fans who feel they were swindled spoke with the London tabloid about the experience:

"He was supposed to attend from 10 pm until 3 am," said one source who paid $75 for a ticket the event. "He did not arrive until 2:35 am and went straight to the VIP room."

"I waited all night for him and he never showed," says another attendee. "I was then told by a security officer that he had left the building."

Scott promised to remain sober after the birth of his third child, but the notoriously hard-partying reality star has fallen off thewagon several times since.

Scott went on a bender in Aspen back in January and is now being sued for allegedly trashing his hotel room.

This latest incident may mark the end of the line for Scott's relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, who allegedly issued him an ultimatum before he left for his UK tour:

"Kourtney has warned him," says one insider. "If he crosses the line and gets in trouble because of his drinking...he should just stay in London and not come back."

Hey, at least the town's got plenty of pubs!

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