Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: Hook's Happy Ending

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There was one surprising return and one scary debut on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 16.

The installment (easily the best of this show’s return from a lengthy winter hiatus) focused on Hook attempting to get back Ursula’s happy ending, while August made his first appearance in far too long and we were treated to a fun and unpredictable flashback.

As you'll note when you watch Once Upon a Time online (via the following video), it shed bright light on Hook's past with Ursula.

Then there was the arrival of Ernie Hudson as Poseidon, though we’ll need to wait until next Sunday to see what he is actually up to.

Elsewhere, the torturing of August brought up Pinocchio’s most well-known traits, as Mr. Gold dangled the puppet’s “lie detector” nose in front the fireplace as it grew with every fib.

The fact that August was able to say he didn’t know where the door was - and for the nose to not grow, meaning it was not a lie -  was very well played.

It served up the most interesting part of the Author angle to date, the tidbit that the sought-after scribe is actually trapped in the storybook, behind the illustrated door. Who saw that coming?!?

Near the end of the fun hour, Hook asked about villains and their happy endings, wondering if he’s meant to lose his.

But Emma noted that he must have already found it, prompting Hook to identify Emma as his happy ending and leading to a kiss that still has us swooning.

ELSEWHERE this week...

  • The heroes are now aware  that Gold is back in town, and also that he pretended to be Hook when nabbing the dagger from Belle. She felt rather silly for that miscue.
  • Squid ink was used in an unexpected manner.
  • Regina has a confounding Robin Hood/Evil Queen dream, which makes us curious how Emma will come up with contacting Robin. Twitter? Facebook?
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