Justin Bieber REALLY Wants Seth Rogen to Roast Him

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Last year around this time, Seth Rogen could not shut up about Justin Bieber.

Speaking to Andy Cohen, the actor blasted Bieber as an "obnoxious, ungrateful piece of sh-t" and followed those comments up by telling Howard Stern that he hates that motherf-cker Justin Bieber.

Now, however, Bieber is giving Rogen a platform to continue his assault... and the comedian is curiously quiet.

Justin Bieber Roast Ad

Last Thursday, a few days before turning 21, Bieber wrote a couple messages to Rogen, inviting him to take the stage on March 30 when Comedy Central hosts a roast at Justin's expense.

"@Sethrogen all I want for my birthday is for you to roast me. I took the twitter bashing please make my bday and do it in person. Thanks," Bieber wrote at the time, later adding:

"@Sethrogen I would have emailed u but this is the only electronic communication with u that doesn't scare me. Hope to see u at the roast :)."

After receiving nary a response from Rogen, Bieber tried again yesterday.

"@Sethrogen come on man," he Tweeted. "Check your voicemail. I took it like a man as u blasted a nervous kid fan of yours (me). Now I'm a man. Roast me!"

Bieber - who mostly took the high road during the stars' feud last spring - then tried to get "#WeWantSeth" trending and also wrote:

"@Sethrogen I'm still your biggest fan. Even after "the interview." That's dedication. Roast me! Sincerely yours..the piece of shit..justin."

Rogen, of course, can't win here.

He either agrees to the Roast and simply continues to burn Bieber for real... which will make him come across like a giant A-Hole.

Or he agrees to the Roast and makes mean-spirited jokes about the artist... which would basically force him to befriend Bieber on national television.

Or he ignores Justin's pleas and Bieber comes across like the bigger man for trying to end this feud by actively encouraging someone to insult him.

In other words: very well played, Justin Bieber.

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