Jared Leto Makes Like Kim Kardashian, Debuts Blonde Locks to Mixed Reviews

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It's a big day for blondes! (Insert your own "dumb blonde" joke here. We recommend: Bigger than the day they invented the submarine with screen doors?!)

First, Kim Kardashian went blonde for Paris Fashion Week and incurred the wrath of the entire Internet.

Now, Jared Leto has become the latest celeb to join House Slytherin, and his golden coif is receiving slightly better reviews.

Jared Leto Blonde Photo

Earlier this week, Leto chopped off his hair and documented the lock-ectomy on Instagram.

It was a big deal, as Jared's Jesus-like man-mane was a famous symbol of his outsider status.

The Oscar winner had to part with his hair (pardon the pun) to play the Joker in Suicide Squad - the latest highly-anticipated comic book adaptation.

So it makes sense why he went short (No one would be scared of a Joker who looks like he wants to sell you weed.), but the color choice is a bit harder to understand.

Did Jared go blonde in preparation for dying his hair green, a la Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and every other big screen Joker?

Or is he taking the iconic villain in a different direction with a sort of Joffrey Baratheon, Aryan Brotherhood vibe?

We may not know until the film comes out, but either way, it'll be interesting to see tree-hugging Leto transform himself into the scariest insane clown outside of a Juggalo convention.

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