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Back in January, actor Emile Hirsch allegedly assaulted a female film exec while he was in Utah for the Sundance Film Festival.

Sources say a severely intoxicated Hirsch put a chokehold on the unidentified woman. Shortly thereafter, Hirsch checked into rehab to be treated for alcohol addiction.

Today, Hirsch made his first court appearance. He is being charged with felony assault which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

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The actor, who turned 30 on Friday, appeared briefly before a judge and was then escorted to a nearby sheriff’s office where he had his mug shot taken.

Hirsch declined to speak with reporters who had gathered outside the courthouse.

Best known for his acclaimed performances in films like Into the Wild and Lone Survivor, Hirsch has a reputation around Hollywood as a humble, mild-mannered young star.

Several witnesses who know Hirsch stated that they were shocked by his behavior on the night in question.

Defense attorney Robert Offer claimed that Hirsch blacked out before the confrontation and has no memory of the events that led to his arrest. 

His next hearing is scheduled for April 13. The young Paramount Pictures executive who was allegedly attacked has declined to speak publicly on the matter, but is expected to testify at Hirsch’s trial.