Dakota Johnson Stars in ISIS Saturday Night Live Ad, Gets Roasted Online

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Dakota Johnson has found a way to distract critics from the controversy surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey.

By getting herself involved in an even more serious controversy!

The actress hosted Saturday Night Live last night, welcoming her parents on stage during her monologue and mocking the sex-based movie for which she's now best known.

But it was another skit altogether that generated tons of buzz on social media. For all the wrong reasons.

In a pre-taped sketch that makes fun of an ongoing Toyota commercial, Johnson portrays a young woman who bids farewell to her sad father.

Except... instead of joining the army (as the daughter does in the aforementioned car ad), Johnson waves goodbye and joins terrorist group ISIS.

Over the past several weeks, of course, there has been a surge in the number of female jihadis from Western countries, including the United States, who have traveled to the Middle East to actually do this in real life.

ISIS has murdered an untold number of innocent people.

As a result, the show and the star got blasted on social media after this parody ad aired.

"Dear #SNL, jokes about Isis are not funny. See how much you laugh when you have to see your loved one(s) being slaughtered. No respect," wrote one Twitter user, while another added:

"I think it's safe to say I will never watch SNL or any of Dakota Johnson's movies ever again."

Taran Killam, however, who stars in the fake commercial as Johnson's father, defended the skit, writing today online:

"Proud of this. Freedom to mock is our greatest weapon. Thanks to the writers who asked not to be mentioned by name."

What do YOU think? Is anything fair game in comedy? Or did this sketch cross the line?

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