Castle Season 7 Episode 19 Recap: Dancing with the Detectives

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We went dancing with the 12th precinct stars on Castle Season 7 Episode 19.

Because anything else that went down on the fun ABC drama this week. All that mattered was the PBA talent show.

Most recently aided by a "Crime of Our Lives" Dirty Dancing tribute, Ryan and Esposito entered this event as the two-time defending champions. 

But now Rick was eligible to participate and all bets were off... or, in reality, all bets were totally on, seeing as how he did actually make a bet with Ryan and Esposito.

How would Rick go about conquering all comers?

Beckett was concerned about commanding respect in case she one day becomes caption, so she turned down Castle’s idea to perform their naked shower song.

Later, viewers witnessed the couple trying out some ballroom-type moves, only for Kate to admit to Martha that she suffers from stage fright.

Rick overheard this confession and was able to pull a few strings in order to get Jimmy Kimmel back in as celebrity host, thereby disqualifying himself and Beckett. And we cried into our sofa cushions as a result.

Still, despite seeing any Caskett routine, the episode’s coda did reveal did tease fans with the silhouette of Rick and Kate doing their song in the shower.

We'll just leave it at that.

As for the Case of the Week? It involved a lawyer named "The Pitbull" who got killed by his nemesis due to a crash test dummy that incriminated a fictional auto maker in covering up a defect and...

... yeah, it was pretty dumb. Go watch Castle online to see what we mean.

And to see Ryan and Espo dance along to "Get Lucky!"

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