17 Stars Who Aren't Super Skinny... But Are Still Super Hot!

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Over the past several days, Kelly Clarkson has been dragged through the overweight mud.

Some idiotic British person named Katie Hopkins has made a name for herself by slamming Clarkson as fat... over and over and over.

"Kelly Clarkson is a chunky monkey," Hopkins told Access Hollywood late last week. “She's fat, she needs to get out, eat less, and move more."

Clarkson has shrugged off these insults and simply said Hopkins doesn't know her.

If Hopkins did know her, Clarkson says, she would think differently. Because she's awesome!

And we couldn't agree more! Clarkson is one of many female celebrities who will never be mistaken for a Size Zero, but who who we would still classify as our hottie heroes!

These women should strut their stuff loud and strut their stuff proud.

And Katie Hopkins should never be allowed to speak ever again.

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