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It’s a simple fact of fictional life: Not all TV shows go out on top.

Last Friday, Glee ended its once-great run with an episode that first looked back at 2009 and then peered far ahead to 2020.

This Friday, meanwhile, Hart of Dixie will take viewers to Bluebell one final time before bidding farewell forever.

SPOILER ALERT: The Glee finale did not make our list off 11 truly terrible series-enders, and it’s too early to tell, of course, whether or not Hart of Dixie will be included in the group above.

For now, however, it is compromised of one confusing finale… one boring finale… one hypocritical finale… and one finale that pulled such a duplicitous bait-and-switch that many of us will never see yellow umbrellas in the same way ever again.

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