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Taylor Swift and Katy Perry aren’t down with each other. And it’s not just the classic blondes verses brunettes thing. It goes much MUCH deeper than that.

But now cooler heads may be prevailing.

Taylor Swift at SNL 40
Photo via Ivan Nikolov/
Katy Perry at Halftime

It all started with Taylor’s song "Bad Blood," which was apparently about Katy. Then Perry hit back with the now famous Mean Girls Tweet. Since then, it’s just snowballed.

However, a source close to Swift says that "Taylor has let it be known that she would love to kiss and make up with Katy, but so far she hasn’t gotten any bites."

Swift seems to be in the mood of forgiveness. She recently shared a high five with Kanye at the Grammys (with Katy in frame,btw)…

Taylor Swift, Katy Perry GIF

… and she’s even reportedly ready to step into the studio with him sometime this year.

But a feud with a boy you’re not dating and a feud with a girl who’s totally dissing you are two very different things.

My guess is it’s going to take a major gesture on somebody’s part before these two ladies fall back in like with each other.

Maybe it’s a who’s prettiest thing. Maybe it’s just a cat fight. But lady feuds last, and they last a lot longer than dude feuds. Guys can usually just start throwing punches and it’s over.

Ladies are above brawling, which means their feuds last until the end of time.