American Idol Season 14 Episode 13: House of Blues

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The remaining contestants of American Idol Season 14 are making the trek down the road from Hollywood's Orpheum Theatre to the House of Blues. There they'll perform one final time for the judges.

Some will learn their fates immediately and some will be left to wait anxiously. 

Oh, and did we mention it'll happen in front of a live audience? Because yeah, that's happening.

American Idol Season 14 Judges at the House of Blues

Ryan Seacrest would like us all to know that the final judgment. From these 48, 24 will emerge, 12 guys and 12 girls. 

Michael Simeon, who once danced with Jennifer Lopez so he wins no matter what happens, slows down "Classic," to begin and then removes his tie as the song speeds up. He bobbles the final note just a little bit, but he rapped, so we can't say he didn't try. 

After watching his performance, we see him making a long walk into a dark room toward the judges and J.Lo asks him what he brings to the stage: "Versatility." 

He makes it into the Top 24 and leaps out of his seat like he just won the Super Bowl.

Loren Lott channeled her inner Celine Dion to sing "My Heart Will Go On" at the House of Blues and I instantly want her not to hear bad notes from the judges. Girl. You have too much talent in your little fingers to park and bark a Celine song. Especially THAT Celine song. 

Harry gives me my wish and says that her performance wasn't the best. But it was enough. She's our first girl through.

Toy designer Adam Ezegelian takes a page out of last season's winner (whose name I've already forgotten because it should've been that other guy...) and sings a rock number from the 80s. A hair band song for a guy with a lot of hair? Yeah, that's okay. 

Keith asks how far Adam expected to get and Adam admits he's shocked that he's there. Keith tells him to get un-shocked because he's staying. He's a fun guy.

During his final performance, Cody Fry took a chance and veered off the singer-songwriter lane to play a Coldplay number. It was good, but maybe not his best. 

Jennifer says they know he's musical and talented, but this time just isn't his time. It's a no for Cody.

Lovey James will learn her fate next. She did her best to work the House of Blues stage while she sang and danced and the look on Harry's face as she shimmied in her short skirt was nothing but disapproval. Keith and Jennifer's expressions lightened up when she finished. 

Harry tells her she came alive during her performance at the HoB and they need consistency. She'll get the opportunity to give them that consistency because she's sticking around.

Jector Montenegro, who we never say before right now, goes home. So does J. None from Orlando who auditioned with his bear. Reno Anoa'i, whose entire family came to support him didn't make it and walked out of the room apologizing to his family.

Zack Kaltenbach also got cut, as did Hannah Mrozak. 

Basically, the holding room for the contestants is a boiler room right now. 

Adonna Duru had a rough week in Hollywood and made it this far by the skin of her teeth. She's doing her best to leave everything on the stage at the House of Blues with "It's A Man's World." She gets a standing O from J.Lo.

Harry tells her that it sucks to be a judge because it sucks to tell people no, but they're not telling her no. They're telling her yes. Adonna is coing along with us.

Maddie Walker, who wowed Adam Lambert during her audition, sang Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" with her southern twang in an attempt to make herself stand out. The judges looked split.

Jennifer gives it to her quick. She's not moving forward. The judges immediately begin wondering if they made a bad decision.

Rachael Hallack, a Lousiana girl, forgot her lyrics during group week and almost went home. With what feels like "Gunpowder and Lead" coming straight out of her mouth, she rocks out in her final performance. 

Jennifer tells her they're struggling to decide whether Rachael or someone else will be making it through so they're going to need to have a sing-off. Right now. 

How much does it suck to be Rachael and hear "hey, so, we were totally going to let you through, but now we're maybe not..." and then have to sing immediately?

Maddie sings first with a crystal clear voice. Rachael has a more interesting sound and quality. The judges dicker over who's a better fit for the show instead of who's more talented and change their decision about Maddie Walker. Rachael's going home.

She can't even give an interview when it's over because what is there to say? 

Clark Beckham, who looks like he's related to Scott Foley, has already grown in Hollywood week, but as talented as he is, the audience makes him just a little nervous and he can't seem to figure out how his eyes work. Until the end. Then he shows those baby blues and gets a standing O from Keith. It was a really, really great performance.

He tells the judges he's feeling a little nervous and Harry says that when he sees someone sits down and play piano, he's extra hard on that person. Clark better thicken up his skin because he's going to hear a lot more of Harry's critiques.

The youngest man in the competition, Daniel Seavey, sang Paula Abdul straight to Jennifer Lopez, who probably has shoes older than him. I love how much this kid loves being on the stage. He's just having the time of his life throughout all of this.

Jennifer says there are a lot of great singers out there and he's one of them. Daniel Seavey made it through.

Florida girl Tyanna Jones had an emotional experience during her House of Blues performance. She's overcome so much and I really want her to be successful. It helps that she's amazing. And adorable. Amazing and adorable.

Tyanna tells the judges she has no plan B. Singing is her only plan. Supporting her family and taking care of them is her only plan. Jennifer invites her to the Top 24 and she bursts into tears. Not gonna lie, I totally teared up too.

Rayvon Owen and Shannon Berthiaume are the next two to learn their fate. Rayvon slowed it down for the House of Blues audience so he could show off his falsetto. Shannon's first time in front of a live audience was her House of Blues number. 

Jennifer tells Rayvon he did really great in front of the audience and they want to keep him. Keith just says "you're through!" to Shannon and she's in.

Jax, who cannot stop drawing that X on her face, sang Gaga at the House of Blues. She used a weird dramatic pause in the song but instead of teasing the audience, she confused them. 

Jennifer said they saw a little "greenness" in her showcase performance and Keith said they want to keep her in for a while longer.

The final contestant to learn his fate tonight is Hollywood Anderson, whose trip across Idol has been all over the place. It's all been a little downhill for him since his first audition in New York. On the House of Blues stage, he chose...

OH WAIT. We won't find out until tomorrow. #Cliffhanger

So far, our Top 24 consists of 


  • Michael Simeon
  • Adam Ezegelian
  • Clark Beckham
  • Daniel Seavey
  • Rayvon Owen


  • Loren Lott
  • Lovey James
  • Adonna Duru
  • Maddie Walker
  • Tyanna Jones
  • Shannon Berthiaume
  • Jax

We'll find out who'll be rounding out the list tomorrow night at 8pm.

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