Suge Knight Murder Defense: I Didn't Know I Hit Anyone!

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Suge Knight's murder defense is shaping up to be pretty simple, it seems. The rap mogul says he didn't know anyone hit, and therefore that he ran.

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Marion "Suge" Knight says he was in fear of his life when he floored the gas pedal on his his truck, striking and killing Terry Carter last week.

Actor Cle "Bone" Sloan was also struck, but survived his injuries.

Suge Knight was arrested murder for the hit-and-run incident, after which he allegedly fled the scene - purely attempting to survive, his lawyer says.

The 49-year-old had just been accosted by 2-4 men while he sat hostage in his truck, and has been in a particularly frail state despite his imposing frame.

Suge was shot six times at a Chris Brown concert last year, almost died recently from a blood clot, and was "discombobulated" at the scene.

When he sped off in his truck, he had no idea he struck anyone.

The problem with that defense is obvious. Police believe Knight was trying to run over Sloan with his vehicle and then struck Carter by accident.

If true, it would constitute felony murder regardless of intent.

The hit-and-run aspect doesn't make a whole lot of difference, in other words, if he meant to hit someone and simply didn't realize he succeeded.

CBS News Los Angeles reports that Suge, who turned himself in to police in the early hours of Friday morning, is expected to post $2 million bail.

He will be arraigned on the murder charge early this week.

Several media outlets also reported that the hit and run fatality took place on the movie set of upcoming N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

It is also rumored that Knight's feud with Dr. Dre was a catalyst - that he came to the set to squash the beef - but Ice Cube and Dr. Dre deny this.

Neither were present during the incident, they say.

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