Kim Kardashian Dances, Lip Syncs to Kanye at Super Bowl Party: Watch, Cringe Now!

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It looks as though Kim Kardashian has discovered another talent, apparently. Or A talent, as the case may be, as that's not exactly her forte.

Seriously ... from a business standpoint, we give her props for turning the Kim Kardashian sex tape into a massive empire, but talent? Lacking.

Not hating, just saying. It's a compliment, in a way, Making something out of nothing like she has is not something most people can pull off.

In any case, this video of the reality star dancing and lip-syncing along to Kanye West's performance at a pre-Super Bowl party is making the rounds:

'Ye gave revelers a treat when he performed his new track "Only One," along with hits "All Of The Lights," "Gold Digger," "Run This Town" and more.

Kim? She should not quit her day job, whatever that is.

Starring on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, being expressionless as drywall, shilling for products and posting selfies on Instagram? Basically.

Speaking of which, that T-Mobile Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial is getting serious buzz, so the joke is clearly on us for mocking her.

Not that all of that buzz was positive last night.

"T-mobile, prorate unused data and donate, no need to waste it on #stopkim #SuperBowl", wrote one fan, and the hashtag "#StopKim" began trending.

"@TMobile what have you done? Epic fail. #stopkim #SuperBowI," said another, adding "@TMobile must really be desperate to hire @KimKardashian."

"Please take this trash off of TV," requested another Twitter user, before one unhappy user commented: "Irrelevant person and family! #stopkim."

"#stopkim I just lost seconds of my life from that ad."

Ouch, people. At least the ad was kind of funny and self-deprecating, right? We know Kim is over-exposed as it is, but some of the hate is extreme.

Not unlike the Lindsay Lohan Super Bowl commercial for Esurance, it succeeded in generating viral buzz ... which is more than half the battle, right?

Check out Kim's spot and the rest of last night's ads:

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