Power Rangers: Gritty Reboot Starring James Van Der Beek Goes Viral For Some Reason

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If you're a child of the '90s, hearing the words "Power Rangers" and "James Van Der Beek" in the same sentence might cause you go into nostalgia-induced convulsions and start blurting out some weird mash-up of "I Don't Want to Wait" and that sugar-rush "Go Go" song. 

So make sure you're in a safe place before pressing play on the video below, because the combination of Dawson, Zords, and Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff may result in a life-threatening nerd-gasm:

When you hear it described as a "gritty reboot," you might think that this clip is some sort of humorous send-up of the inexplicably popular Japanese import for particularly hyper kids. 

But that's not the quite the case. Or maybe it is? As far as we can tell, the joke is that there is no joke. Allow director Joseph Kahn to explain:

"What I really want to accomplish when you watch, is you should really take it seriously," Kahn says. "Overall, it's a pretty serious thing. The joke isn't that you're laughing at each particular scene; the joke is that we did this 'f--k you' thing in the first place."

Anyone who's seen Van Der Beek's Kesha video knows that the former Lord of the Creek has a sense of humor, but you won't find the actor cracking a wry smile here. 

You will see him cracking some skulls, however.

Of course, given the impressive production value in this thing, we can't help but wonder if it's really a joke. 

Given the glut of superhero movies coming our way in the next couple years, can a Power Rangers flick for grown-ups be far behind? 

After all, it wasn't that long Ant-Man and Aquaman were nothing more than geeky punchlines.

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