Paris Hilton on Instagram: Check Out My Boobs Again!

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At this point, there's pretty much no denying that Paris Hilton has had a boob job.

It's not so much that her breasts are noticeably larger than they were a few years ago, it's the fact that suddenly Paris posts cleavage selfies to Instagram every friggin' day.

Paris Hilton Cleavage Selfie

It's like when you buy a new pair of shoes and you decide to go out that night even though you don't necessarily feel like it. 

The heiress/reality star/whatever-she's-claiming-to-be-these-days is just trying to get her money's worth by giving her 3.8 followers a tour of Paris' newest landmarks.

We can't blame her. Knowing how expensive her tastes are, Paris is probably rocking the most expensive boobs on the planet. Of course she wants to show them off!

After all, what else would she be trying to show off here?

The room is a mess, and even though she appears to be at some sort of photo shoot, it looks like she had to do her own makeup. Decidedly non-baller!

Side note: Check out the placement of her fingers. She's not touching the screen at all! Did she take this selfie with her mind? 

See, you know you've seen the same set of boobs once too often when they're right in front of your face, but you're still playing selfie detective.

Put 'em away for a while, Paris. You're getting into overkill territory.

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