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Pamela Anderson has all but started throwing future ex-husband Rick Salomon’s clothing out on the front lawn. And she may have done that by the time this posts, as she’s thrown his children and dog out of her house just as coldly.

Pam and poker-playing pornographer Rick Salomon have gotten married and split up three times now. It’s been a whirlwind of marriages, annulments, and divorces.

Their love blooms, they move in together, their love wilts, and they move out.

Dylan Jagger Lee, Pamela Anderson, Brandon Thomas Lee
Photo via Getty Images

Well, as if to say “that’s it” for the last time, Pamela Anderson is throwing Rick’s children and his dogs out of her house for good. And she apparently isn’t hearing him pleading for sanity.

Rick Salomon has two teenage daughters, Hunter and Tyson, from a previous marriage to voice actress E.G. Daily. He also has a very loveable Rotweiller named Bumblebee.

Now it appears that everybody’s got to get outta Pam’s house right now, humans and canines alike.

Pam apparently called Rick, who’s working in vegas, and told him the kids and pooch had to go. He begged her for more time, but she wasn’t having it.

Sure, she’s said “it’s not over” in the past, after first saying “it’s definitely over”, but this time, she really seems to mean it. I mean even the mafia doesn’t go after your family.