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Breakups are tough. You have to work at them.

Look at Pamela Anderson and her relationship to poker player slash pornographer Rick Salomon (One Night in Paris). They’ve tried to break up three times now.

First Pam Anderson annulled her marriage to Rick in 2008.

Dylan Jagger Lee, Pamela Anderson, Brandon Thomas Lee
Photo via Getty Images

Everything was great, they were happily broken up.

Then they get married again in 2014! Thank god Pam came to her senses and filed for divorce six months later. She was sooooo close to never seeing Rick again.

But then Pam asks the court to excuse her from the divorce filing, and they tragically fall back in love. You know how it goes, right?

It lasts all the way up until this Wednesday, when Pam finally filed for divorce again. Now all we can do is hope that it sticks.

What deal with what devil did this tool make for it to be impossible to break up with him?  Pamela Anderson is one of the greatest sex symbols of all time, and she is almost completely unable to detach herself from him?

He dated Paris Hilton. He dated Shannen Doherty. He’s a poker player. He’s handsome. These are ALL of his stats!

He has almost no marketable skill, other than apparently being fun to have sex with. But even in One Night in Paris, he comes across as pretty boring. Rick, how do you do it?