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As you might have heard, Lindsay Lohan has had some problems with drugs, booze, and the law over the years.

And by "some problems," we mean all the problems. 

Lindsay’s list of past humiliations is too long to reproduce here, so we’ll just stick to the past couple weeks:

First, Lohan almost went to jail because she didn’t complete her community service from the time she caused a car accident and then lied to the cops about it.

Then, she sued Fox News for saying she did coke with her mom, even though she’s admitted in the past that that happened.

We’ll say it again: This all happened in the last two weeks! Lindsay has reportedly cleaned up her act a bit in recent months, but it might be a bit early for her to start joking about daytime drinking on Instagram:

Lindsay Lohan Booze Shirt Photo

In case you’re unfamiliar, the phrase, "It’s 5 o’clock somewhere," is a well-known drinkers’ expression used to justify getting sloshed before the traditional end of the workday.

Lindsay doesn’t work, and she probably usually has no idea what time zone she is in, so we think it’s safe to assume that she thinks nothing of Irish-ing up her morning coffee and just keeping the booze train rolling from there.

Look, we never really believed for a second that Lindsay is sober (as she’s repeatedly claimed), but we figured after so many years in the spotlight, she would at least no to keep her 

Someone sign this girl up for Courtney Love’s course on how to be a lifelong trainwreck without overdosing or doing time. Courtney’s a real master in her field.