Lindsay Lohan: Scrambling to Complete Community Service, Avoid Jail

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You almost have to admire Lindsay Lohan's ability to find new and interesting ways to get into trouble.

Last week we found out that Lindsay was hospitalized with a severe illness that she contracted during a recent island vacation.

Just days later, we learned that she'd failed to complete her community service and might be facing jail time. 

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These aren't the boring old DUI disasters that we get from most trainwreck starlets. Lindsay is a real master of effing up and it's a joy to watch her work.

Naturally, she tried to blame the Chinkungunya virus for the fact that she'd come up short on her community service. 

Of course, Lindsay was supposed to complete 30 days of service by November 6, so her illness really shouldn't have been a factor, but this is Lindsay logic at work.

The judge has reportedly given her until Wednesday to complete the remaining 15 hours or she might face jail time. The actress swears she'll finish in time.

Lindsay's been in trouble with the law so many times that even she probably can't keep her court cases straight anymore. This sentence stems from Lohan's 2012 car accident in which she slammed into an 18-wheeler. 

She got in trouble for allegedly lying to the cops after the wreck and, of course, two-and-a-half years later, she's still BS-ing authorities like it's her job. It's comforting to know some things never change.

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