Justin Bieber Surprises Burn Victim on The Doctors: He Really Has Changed!

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Justin Bieber isn't just talking the talk. He's clearly walking the walk.

On multiple occasions over the past week or so, Bieber has issued public apologies for his past actions and told the world he wants to be a better person.

And now he's starting to act on those words.

The musical icon made a surprise appeared on The Doctors this week, stopping by to pay a special visit to Kilee Brookbank, a 16-year old who suffered second and third degree burns on over half her body during an explosion at her Ohio home in November.

She was asked to be a guest on the program in order to speak on her miraculous recovery.

And then Bieber showed up!

"You inspire us so much," Justin told Kilee. "I think you inspire everybody in this audience, everybody across the world - you inspire me. I wanted to come here - I couldn't just do a video, I wanted to be here!"

An insider tells E! News that Bieber’s team was approached by The Doctors' producers about doing a video segment.

But Bieber was the one who volunteered to make a personal appearance instead.

"Justin was so kind and sweet to all of us," Brookbank tells E! News exclusively. "The chance to meet Justin Bieber is something I never thought I would get, and I'm very grateful that this was able to happen with the help of The Doctors and the tweets that my friends started."

Way to go, Biebs!

It's very nice to see that your regretful tears have results in the happy tears of another.

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