Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 12 Recap: Sin Rostro, Revealed!

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So... did you see it coming?

As teased heading into Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 12, this freshman CW drama came out with a major reveal on Monday night: the identity of Sin Rostro!

The hour got underway with Rafael’s father, Emilio returning and wanting to whisk Rose away. To where? He would not say.

Rose was convinced her husband was the villain, but Rafael convinced her NOT to go to the police… for the sake of the hotel business.

From there, Luisa learned that bellboy was killed with a corkscrew at the hotel. She reacted by writing her former lover a letter.

She was imbibing on the evening of the murder, and, when she returned to the room, the corkscrew was gone.  So now it all makes sense, right? Rose must stay away from Emilio, she writes.

However, Rose doesn’t receive this letter: Rafael reads it instead and is understandably upset at the prospect of his dad being Sin Rostro.

Via their own investigation, Michael and Nadine also grow sure that Emilio is the mystery man.

So that's that, right? It's settled, no? HA! No!

This is a telenovela, as those who watch Jane the Virgin online know, so of course there's a twist.

After spending a bulk of the episode pretending to be concerned Rose seduces Emilio... and then buries him alive in cement! And there it is: ROSE IS SIN ROSTRO!!!! 

Were you surprised by this reveal?


  • Through a fake murder of Petra, Milos actually proves that her mother is a liar who can actually walk.
  • And we learned that Rogelio’s assistant came up with a  plot to have Santos killed off so he could become the star of the telenovela.

What did you think of the Sin Rostro development? Did you see it coming? And where will this all go next Monday on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 13?

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