Jade Roper: Shocked By The Bachelor Elimination, Now on Team Whitney Bischoff

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The Bachelor's Jade Roper was blindsided that Chris Soules eliminated her after a hometown date - and reveal of her shocking past - that went so well.

Chris was so understanding and supportive after awkwardly ogling Jade Roper Playboy photos and videos online, she simply did not see the rejection coming.

Jade Roper of The Bachelor

"I was pretty surprised,” Jade admitted on Good Morning America. “From my perspective, I thought that my hometown date went well and I was really sad."

"I didn’t expect it at all.”

Just before she was axed from the reality show, the brunette with the girl next door good looks brought Soules to Gering, Nebraska, to meet her family.

The two seemed like a great match on the show, and to hear Jade tell it, she certainly got that impression as well throughout her time on Chris' "journey."

Like Soules, Roper grew up on a farm and says she went on The Bachelor because she pictured herself with Chris, and children, on his farm in Iowa.

“That’s something I’ve always wanted,” Roper said of her upbringing. “So, yeah, when I chose to go on the show I envisioned myself being there with him.”

Termed a "wild mustang" by her younger brothers, the 28-year-old cosmetics designer also has a free-spirited, rebellious streak her suitor didn't realize.

Roper’s hometown date took an unusual turn when she revealed that she's posed for Playboy, even showing Soules the nude pics, and videos, on a laptop.

Uncomfortable? Slightly. Unexpected? Absolutely. But a deal breaker? Not in the least for this Bachelor, who is not in the business of judging people.

Soules told her that the revealing photos would not change things between them, and after he sent her home, reiterated that this was not the reason.

“We had that conversation and I felt like he was being honest with me and when I didn’t get the rose he sat down with me and he made it very clear," she said.

"[Chris said it wasn't] the reason I went home so I’d like to believe it. I don’t feel like there was anything else that went on that would have changed it.”

Roper’s elimination on The Bachelor Season 9 Episode 19 means there are just three women left: Becca Tilley, Whitney Bischoff and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Jade says if it can't be her, it's an easy call among the final three.

“I would say Whitney would the right one for Chris,” Roper said.

“I feel like she is there for the right reasons.”

“The last couple of weeks we were roommates together and I grew really close with her,” she said of Whitney Bischoff. “I really think she’s in it. Her heart is in it."

What do you think? Is Whitney Bischoff the one?

Or can Becca or Kaitlyn pull off a surprise in the next few weeks? Follow the link for The Bachelor spoilers if you want to know how it shakes out (we're told) ...

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