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So… have you stopped crying yet?

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 11, explained the diagnosis of Type 2 osteogenesis imperfecta. It was bad. Really bad.

It meant his bonds are breaking inside of her and, as Catherine explained, April needed to induce labor… name the baby… baptize him… and “memorize every little detail of his face” before he dies.

Yeah. We just started crying just writing that out.

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April remained defiant, however, all the way up until the day of giving birth. She also remained angry at the Man Upstairs.

"I have spent my life believing in a God who is just," she cried. "And then this… to be handed this?!? It’s cruel, and I feel like God is laughing at me. If this is a test, I fail.”

The other doctors, of course, had no idea how to comfort their friends, simply going to the chapel to light a candle, per Amelia’s request.

With all this taking place, Meredith raced around trying to find a babysitter and also someone to take her call so she could visit Derek for some “emergency sex.”

Richard ended up taking call and Maggie volunteered to babysit.

But back to the heart of the hour: April and Jackson settled on the name Samuel Norbert – and April finally allowed Herman to induce labor.

What proceeded, as you’ll see when you watch Grey’s Anatomy online was a heartbreaking scene in which the parents held their newborn ever so briefly, compressing a lifetime’s worth of love into a few short moments.

“He squeezed my finger,” April whispered. "And then he let go.”

And then we just started bawling again.

To close this jarring installment, Arizona thanked Herman for being there for her friends, while Catherine closed the distance between herself and Richard, asking him to hold her.

Also, Amelia found that every candle in the chapel had been lit.

“My baby lived for 43 minutes,” she then confided in Owen. He took her end as the screen faded to black.

Wow. Good luck, Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 12. Good luck topping that.