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Winter is not coming.

As millions of irritated Americans know by now, winter is here.

But dragons are definitely coming to Game of Thrones Season 5; fully grown, dangerous dragons that we’re afraid Daenerys won’t even be able to control.

Along those lines, check out the first official poster for the return of this epic drama… and someone tell Tyrion to run!

Game of Thrones Dragon Poster

It appears as if everyone’s favorite diminutive Westeros resident is on a ship in this image, which makes sense.

When we last saw Tyrion, he had put multiple arrows into the chest of his toilet-bound father (ummm…. SPOILER ALERT!) and went on the lam.

Does this poster tease imminent death for Tyrion? George R.R. Martin did recently tease a handful of shocking deaths to come. They will even take book followers by surprise.

HBO has also released the first clip from Game of Thrones Season 5. It features Jon Snow and Mance:

Game of Thrones Season 5 will take viewers to Dorne for the first time and premiere on Sunday, April 12. It’s safe to say we’re excited.