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Fox’s new hit show Empire has seen its ratings increase each of the first four weeks, and we don’t expect Empire Season 1 Episode 5 to end the streak.

This week saw Taraji P. Henson’s Cookie steal the show, proving that this character is a television tour de force on a series potentially full of them.

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Empire Season 1 Episode 5 saw Cookie at her best (worst?) as she engaged in a little sexual politics, using a young diva’s bisexuality as leverage.

Not only that, but Lucious’ wife blackmailed her eldest son to secure a slot on Empire’s board, and offered five grand to a family friend to off a rival.

As in, end is life. To save her own, presumably, but still. Woman does not mess around, and there’s no telling what she’ll do to overcome obstacles.

We begin with Hakeem, who’s pitching a new music video, and Tiana continuing their relationship, only we find out that Tiana also has a girlfriend.

After Lucious asks Andre to find the money to make the video, Rhonda informs Andre about Tiana’s girlfriend and takes a picture of them kissing.

At the video shoot, Rhonda leaks the photo, which goes viral and upsets Hakeem, who is calmed down by the father. But the drama is just beginning.

Andre insinuates to Hakeem’s pals that Jamal is in the studio with valuable stuff on him, prompting them to rob him, and getting an engineer.

Jamal blames Hakeem and all hell breaks loose, making every other family in America feel slightly less dysfunctional, if only for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, Cookie testifies in front of a grand jury, naming Frank Gathers as the gunman working for a buyer she cut a deal with back in the day.

Fearing retaliation for snitching, when a single rose shows up her doorstep later, she believes this is a veiled threat in response to her testimony.

Meeting with her sister and a family friend, she learns that the rose move sounds like Teddy McNally’s M.O., and asks the friend to take care of him.

But it wasn’t Teddy. Lucious left Cookie the rose in remembrance of their anniversary, leaving Cookie scrambling to call off the hit, only to be too late.

On top of all that, Lucious proposed to Anika – and twisted her doctor dad’s arm for a favor – and Porsha’s misadventures continue. It was intense!

Click on the links or video above to watch Empire online and see for yourself why this has become one of the year’s must-watch series already.