Bruce Jenner's Family: The Kardashians Destroyed Him!

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Bruce Jenner is newly divorced and about to undergo a gender transition. Now, his family members are worried about him. Some of them even believe that "He was used by the Kardashian women."

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner

"They used his name. They were nobodies until he came along." This came from Sandra Day Kelley, Jenner's cousin, who gave her two-cents on the whole situation.

Another cousin, Kryssi Heitman said, "I can’t watch the show, they make fun of him all the time. That’s not love."

Hmmmm ... then I guess my family doesn't love each other either, nor does anybody else's family that makes fun of each other? Love IS making fun of each other. That's why it's so worth it.

Heitman is 40, and was just a child when Jenner was an Olympic hero. He sent her a letter that said "Love you cousin. Keep reaching for your dreams." That's how she'd like to remember him.

She also believes that "When he married Kris, he became less and less of a person ... To see him go from that to this, it’s like he disappeared. It’s scary."

Well, say what you want about Keeping Up With The Kardashians and how they treated Bruce. Just about the entire Kardashian klan has come out in support of Bruce's decision, except Kris, who "blames" herself for it. But that's just her cuckoo logic.

The really cuckoo thing is to blame a little fun-making for why a man considers a gender transition. I've been made fun of for years, and frankly the two things just never seem related.

Jenner's upcoming interview with Dianne Sawyer will hopefully give some piece-of-mind to his family, both the in the Kardashian crew and outside it.

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