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Most of the time, when a celebrity couple makes news, it’s not because one of them surprised the other with their favorite dinner, or agreed to watch Vanderpump Rules instead of football.

No, most of the time we only hear about celebrity cheaters, or the toxic couples who make headlines with their blow-out fights.

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to pay tribute to the quietly devoted couples who rarely wind up in the tabloids, for the simple reason that their love is boring in the best way possible:

Sure, it hasn’t been all smoothing sailing for these A-list twosomes. 

Rumors that Jay Z was cheating on Beyonce were everywhere over the summer, and we’ll likely never find out if there was any truth behind them.

Sources say Ben Affleck went back to drinking last year, despite some stern warnings and even a few threats from wife Jennifer Garner.

What makes these couples work isn’t the fact that they never fight, or stray, or think about calling it quits. It’s the fact that they go through all the same tough times as every other couple, but still come out OK on the other side.

So whether you’re coming up on a golden anniversary or looking for love in a world of Tinder-obsessed two-timers, check out the gallery above as a reminder that believing there’s a perfect match for you is half the battle.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Kim and Kanye didn’t make the list – with her track record and his temper, we’re gonna need them to last a few more years before they get out stamp of approval. No shade!