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Chances are, you knew that Lucy Hale didn’t just stumble in to Rosewood one day.

The young actress slowly built her resume prior to becoming a key cast member on Pretty Little Liars.

But do you know the obscure reality show on which Hale appeared many years before becoming Aria Montgomery?

What about Heather Morris before she impressed us with her moves on Glee? Josh Henderson before he smoldered on Dallas?

Are you aware of where Emma Stone perfected the singing chops that helped her dominate a lip-sync battle against Jimmy Fallon?

Prepare to be shocked, television and movie fans!

The above photo gallery reveals the pasts of various big-time celebrities who weren’t always getting nominated for Oscars and Teen Choice Awards.

Most of them were just hoping to get noticed in any way possible by appearing on a reality TV series. Or trying to win a giant cash prize.

Few succeeded back in the day, but fast forward all these years later and they can laugh about these seemingly random past experiences. Laugh all the way to the bank, that is!